Women Mean Better Business Webinar Series: Mind Your Culture Gap to Keep Your Top Talent

webinar2Masculine, “bro,” and hyper-aggressive workplace cultures have captured much media attention over the past several years. Whether focused on Silicon Valley or Wall Street, journalists describe the obstacles such cultures pose for women, but not for men. This basic storyline implies that organizations face a win-lose proposition as they contemplate shifting their cultures: if they make their cultures more attractive to women, will they risk alienating men? 

A recent study in Catalyst’s series, Highly Talented Employees in the Pipeline, explored two questions about this storyline. One, do aggressive cultures really exist only in high-tech and finance? And two, are such cultures problematic only for women?

Spoiler Alert: the answer to both questions is NO.

Join Catalyst experts, Anna Beninger and Cynthia Emrich, as they:

  • Describe the workplace culture women and men high potentials would prefer to see in their organizations
  • Illustrate the gaps these individuals experienced between their current vs. preferred workplace cultures
  • Reveal the implications of these culture gaps for individuals’ satisfaction—and intentions to remain—with their current organizations
  • Recommend concrete steps organizations can take to narrow the culture gap to keep their top talent

This research reveals that leaders and organizations are in a win-win-win situation: by shifting their cultures to make them more constructive and less aggressive, they’ll have a better shot at retaining increasingly elusive top talent—female and male.

You’re Invited!

Join us on Wednesday, November 18 when Anna Beninger and Cynthia Emrich of Catalyst share with us ways we can build inclusive corporate cultures that also happen to be good for business.

Mind Your Culture Gap to Keep Your Top Talent
Wednesday, November 18, 2015 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. ET (US)

logo1-catalystThis webinar is presented by Anna Beninger and Cynthia Emrich of Catalyst, the leading nonprofit organization with a mission to expand opportunities for women and business.

Catalyst is dedicated to creating more inclusive workplaces where employees representing every dimension of diversity can thrive. Learn more about Catalyst on their website.


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